Airfield Ops – Wed 8th March 2017

Hi everyone

Just a quick line to say that there will be some filming taking place on the drag strip on Wednesday 8th March commencing at 9.00 am and will probably last until 5.00 pm. This may stretch out to the drag strip run-off area to please be vigilant during the day. This is for a new TV show about cars filmed by Shire North.

Also a quick reminder as well at the annual March Raceways Run takes place this coming Saturday 11th March. Set up will take place on during the day on Thursday 9th.

Any problems please get in touch with either myself or Emily.



Club Talk @ North Worcester Model Flying Club

Dear Avonvale Club Members, discount

We have been kindly invited to attend a talk by Manny Williamson Development Officer for the BMFA by the North Worcester Club.

The event details are as follows:

• Thursday 16th March 2017
• Venue Cricket Club at Studley
o Address: Washford Fields, malady Birmingham Rd, Studley B80 7BG
o Google map

• The room is open from 6:30pm with the talk starting at 7:30pm
• There will be a bar and food laid on for a very small fee of £3:00 to cover cost of food.

Topic that will be covered.
The BMFA as you know is developing the National Flying Centre.
Changes to the Achievement schemes.
Drone Safety.
Continued pressure on flying sites.

All in this should be a great evening of Aeromodelling.

Best Regards

Darren McCalla
Club Secretary

Airfield Ops: Wed 9th – Thu 10th, Sat 12th Nov 2016

[Correction from Jerry, filming will be taking place Wed/Thur and not Tue/Wed as originally posted – thank you]


I hope everyone is feeling better than I am at the minute. I don’t think it will affect any of you but during tomorrow while the weather’s good (until lunchtime) and most of Wednesday there will be some filming going on at different locations around the drag strip area and the airfield using 4 Cafe Racer bikes. There will be 8 to 10 people around so please be vigilant.

Also just a quick reminder that its the annual airfield 10K run this Saturday 12th. It will have the same format as the one that takes place in March and July with the run beginning at 10am and then completed by 2.30/3.00 ish. Whilst the run is taking place the white cross will be out. During these times we are unable to have any flying taking place on either the grass or tarmac runway as there are many pedestrians around on all parts of the runways. This is the exact same format as the other runs that we have on site. Once the run is complete flying can continue as normal. There will be some setting up on Thursday afternoon and part of Friday. Any problems please give Emily a shout.



Avonvale Model Flying Club Annual General Meeting 2016

Dear Avonvale Member, side effects

As previously announced, buy more about the forthcoming 2016 AGM will be held at The Swan Hotel, Alcester on October 25th at 19:30 for a 20:00 start.

An in formation pack has been emailed to all members for your review in advance of the meeting containing:

  • Agenda
  • Chairman’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Membership Secretary’s Report
  • 2015 Financial Review
    • Nominations for Committee
  • 2015 Financial Review detail
  • 2015/2016 Accounts

This will be a very important meeting as we now have another nomination for Chairman as well as my own. Also we have concerns in terms of our contract being renewed for 2017!

I want as many members as possible at that meeting so we can have hopefully a sensible debate about the future of the club that will be democratically arrived at by as many members as possible.

We now have refurbished hall at The Swan Hotel, Alcester where we used to hold out AGM. We will be provided with a bar and also a buffet will be available.

So come and give your club your support in the difficult decisions we now have to make for the club’s future.

Alan Playdon


Airfield Ops – 16-Oct, 27-29 Oct – Use of main runway

Hi Everyone

I trust everyone is okay now that we’re heading towards the winter months! I just wanted to remind everyone about Sunday’s (16th Oct) Under 17 Car Club which will require the use of the main runway throughout the day. However, they have asked if they could set out there course late Saturday afternoon. This we have said will be fine to do. So the usual procedure late Saturday will be in place for the grass runway to be used at this time as well as all day Sunday.

Furthermore there is a booking for the main runway on the 27th, 28th and 29th of October. The main runway will be closed during these dates. However the grass runway will be available. I’m sure you will appreciate the site is a multi use site with various activities taking place throughout the year but some bookings do, and will come at short notice! Any problems please contact me or Emily Hodges.



Airfield Ops – Tuesday 4th/Wednesday 5th October

Notification from the Airfield management team. Please take care on these days if you are planning to fly:


This is just to inform you that part of the runway and the drag strip run-off area will be in use for a couple of hours during the day of Tuesday 4th October for a few hours by a local company who will be evaluating road noise in side contemporary vehicles. Should the weather not be favourable then the following day Wednesday has been set aside as well. Please be on the look out for any oncoming vehicle presence when crossing the runway.

Thank you for you consideration. Have a good weekend.”


John Holliday – resignation

Dear Members, drug

As many of you will know we have been in the process of reviewing club accounts and expenditure over recent months, about it particularly concerning the 2015 air show following enquiries and concerns expressed by some of you and/or your fellow members.

To this end we have taken time to go through all expense items in the relevant period and have successfully accounted for all costs.

After careful and thorough consideration of the facts, information pills it was felt that the level of expense incurred in the operation of the show was excessive.

Considering the losses incurred during the 2015 show, the levels of expenses claimed and the fact that Avonvale MFC are no longer directly financially involved in the Long Marston Model Air Show, John has agreed to stand down as Vice Chairman with immediate effect and not seek re-election to the Avonvale MFC committee.

All other members of the committee are to remain in office until, as is always the case, the AGM where of course the usual election process will prevail.

It should not be forgotten that John has been a major contributor to the development of Avonvale MFC and has been successful in generating significant nett revenue that as members of Avonvale MFC we will all benefit from. The committee recognises the hard work and effort John has undertaken on our behalf and we are grateful for all the hard work John has put in over the years.

Your Committee